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The Chord Company Epic USB

Chord Epic USB

The Chord Company Epic USB

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Epic USB digital audio interconnect

Epic USB bridges the performance gap that existed between the Shawline and Signature USB cables and features our unique Tuned ARAY conductor concept. It is built in a very similar manner to the Signature Super ARAY USB and while the conductors are slightly different, in just about every other respect the same design philosophy is applied.

Epic USB contains four conductors, (two of which are individually shielded), improved effective gauge silver-plated copper conductors and uprated, high-speed PTFE insulation. The earth shielding connection is further protected from high frequency noise with a two layer braided screen.

This cable also benefits from refined USB connectors (type A and B), silver-plated to our specifications in the UK, with all connections soldered by Chords engineers.

Chord believe these changes contribute to a significant improvement in performance and set a new standard for this level of USB cable. Like the Epic streaming cable, the Epic USB can help your system sound more musically coherent, involving and detailed. They don’t produce any product unless it adds to the musical experience, so put any preconceptions to one side, borrow one and have a listen.

Technical Specifications:
  • Conductors: Unique Tuned ARAY technology. Four silver-plated copper conductors (two of which are individually shielded)
  • Shielding: Earth shielding protected from high frequency noise with a two layer braided screen.
  • Insulation: High-speed PTFE
  • Connectors: Refined USB (type A and B), silver-plated, all connections soldered.

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