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Astell & Kern SE180

Portabel mediaspelare där du kan
byta ut DAC-chipet.
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Astell & Kern SE180

SE180 Combines Innovation and Fun

The third product in the A&futura line, the SE180, continues the trend of exciting innovation for Astell&Kern products,while providing the uncompromised sound quality Astell&Kern is famous for.

With the SE180, in addition to superb audio technology, we wanted to show users an element of fun that is hard to findin most Hi-Fi products.

The DNA of innovation found in the A&futura line continues with the SE180.It is an advanced audio system created with the technology Astell&Kern is known for around the world.

  • Interchangeable All-in-One Module
  • TERATON ALPHA Audio Technology from Astell&Kern
  • Next Generation Astell&Kern AMP Technology
  • Updated UI with Added Functions for Convenience

With the SE180, premium Hi-Fi Sound is now available through the use of interchangeable, all-in-one modules, by Astell&Kern.

Shape your Sound with SEM2

SEM2 is an Interchangeable All-in-One module for the SE180. Shape your Sound with the Asahi Kasei AK4497EQ Dual DAC SEM2Give your SE180 a different sound than the bundled moduleSEM2 supports up to 32bit/768kHz / Native DSD512.

All information om SEM2 hittar du här.

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