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Ludic Zeus Faspenna

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Ludic Zeus Faspenna

Tillverkarens produktbeskrivning:

Ludic Zeus polarity checker is a unique device for fine-tuning audio installations.

It works as a voltage, phase and cable-interruption checker for domestic appliances, It enhances its resolving capabilities by minimizing its residual ground currents.

One of the most important and often forgotten “tweaks” for improving the reproduction of an AV or stereo system is checking and correctly applying the mains polarity, your audio system is powered by the mains voltage and this means there’s an unavoidable residual hum present at all stages.

These residual voltages are of different magnitude (or phase) and will balance out by means of ground currents flowing through the shields of your interconnecting cables.

These ground currents share the magnitude levels of the audio signal currents being transferred (micro Amperes). That’s why they interfere and the results are reduced transparency and imaging.

With the Ludic Zeus polarity checker you can fine tune your audio system by dramatically reducing, or even eliminating, those residual ground currents, and the best news is, any audiophile can do this themselves quite easily.

All it takes is the Ludic Zeus pole-checker and some work.

Ludic Zeus pole-checker is an easy-to-use device that basically indicates the residual voltage on the sound equipment cabinet. This residual voltage is caused by the power supply, or rather, the power supply in combination with the grounding of the device.
We won’t go into the technical details, but assume that all sound equipment can benefit from being correctly connected to the mains.

How are we going to do that?
That’s quite easy with the Ludic Zeus pole-checker.
1: All equipment must be disconnected from the mains, and also from each other (that is very important, all interlinks but also speaker cables must be removed for a while).
2: Plug the first device into the wall socket, switch on the device, and touch the pole checker to one of the screws on the back of the cabinet, or one of the connection terminals for the interlinks.
Read what value the pole checker indicates.
Switch off the device, put the plug in the other way around, switch on the device again, and measure again. The lowest measured value indicates the correct connection.
It is useful if you determine in advance which connection of the socket the voltage is on.
3: Mark the “hot side” with a permanent marker, or with a small tip of nail polish. Do that right next to the hole, but do it carefully. Also on the plug of the appliance just checked should be marked which pin is to fill the “hot” side of the socket. This prevents the obligation to measure everything again in the future.

If all equipment is correctly connected to the mains in this way, the cables can be reconnected, and the result can be listened to and viewed. Also with televisions, an improvement can often be seen.

The LCD screen shows the values by touching the equipment-to-be-checked with the Ludic Zeus power polarity checker screwdriver blade.

– Ludic Zeus easures AC 12V to 230V and DC in 12, 36, 55, 110 and 220V. It can also indicate the presence of electrical stray fields.
– Very safe and also very sensitive: Its leakage current is less than 3µA.
– Ludic Zeus comes with carefully detailed instructions.

important note: Do not use with AC or DC voltages exceeding 250 Volts.

Ludic Zeus Faspenna
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