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The Chord Company ChordMusic Analogue DIN-DIN

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ChordMusic Analogue DIN

ChordMusic DIN cables should be experienced by all Naim Audio (and similar DIN system) owners. As with the RCA cables, everything disappears except for the music. It’s a truly extraordinary experience. There is extra detail, nuance and the subtlest of touches – all revealed in a clear and natural way. Real and very human pace, rhythm and timing.

For a music lover, just a few seconds listening will confirm you’ve never heard it better. Then there’s that huge musical landscape which you can step into and explore. The degree of extra clarity will let you hear right to the horizon. It doesn’t stop there – 18 months in and every album still brings a glorious sense of anticipation as you press play. Albums you thought didn’t work, suddenly do. ChordMusic makes exploring different genres almost compulsory. There is just so much to discover and hear.

ChordMusic features a unique insulation material we call Taylon® – designed as an improvement to the widely used PTFE. Taylon® is phase stable and that stability, combined with Chords unique Super ARAY geometry, means Chord can take cable performance to a completely new level.

ChordMusic Analogue DIN-DIN
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