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iFi Audio Zen Dac Signature

Renodlad DAC från iFi´s populära Zen-serie.
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Zen Dac Signature

Soul connections

The USB Type B input supports the ‘SuperSpeed’ USB 3.0 standard, as well as USB 2.0 for backwards compatibility. It is asynchronous, meaning that the data rate is regulated solely by the ZEN DAC Signature’s specialised audio clock circuitry for accurate, jitter-free data transfer from the source device.

There is a pair of RCA sockets for single-ended connection to an amp, plus a Pentaconn 4.4mm output – this enables balanced signal transfer between compact products that cannot accommodate traditional, bulky XLR connections.

When connected to an amp or active speakers equipped with a balanced input – either a 4.4mm Pentaconn input, or stereo XLR inputs via a 4.4mm-to-XLR cable – the full benefit of the ZEN DAC Signature’s balanced circuit design can be heard. It will speak to your soul.

  • Input: USB3.0 B Socket (USB2.0 compatible)
  • Formats: 2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2/11.2/12.4MHz DSD, 352.8/384KHz DXD, MQA
  • DAC: Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown
  • Outputs: Balanced 4.4 mm 2V-6.2V max. (variable)/4.2V (fixed). RCA (SE) 1V-3.3V max. (variable)/2.1V (fixed)
  • Power consumption: 5V / 174ma, P = 0.887W (on idle using included iPower)
  • Dimensions: 160(w) x 117(d) x 35(h) mm
  • Weight: 0.75kg / 1.65lbs

Zen Dac Signature
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