iFi Audio iPhono3 Black Label

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iFi iPhono3

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Black Label phono stage is the perfect fix for vinyl addicts, ensuring every record is heard just as the artist intended.

As music lovers across the land return to the tactile virtues of vinyl, so the demand for high-quality turntables has increased. This has raised the need for high-performance phono stages to make the most of the wonderfully natural and engaging sound of which vinyl records are capable.

By necessity, every turntable has to be partnered with a phono stage to amplify the low-level output from the phono cartridge to ‘line level’. Some integrated amps and preamps have phono stages built in, but these vary in quality and are never as good as a well-designed offboard phono stage placed in the signal chain between the turntable and a line-level input on the amp. For serious turntable users, a separate phono stage is a must.

Several years in development and incorporating technology derived from the £12,000 PH-77 phono preamplifier from sister-company AMR, iFi’s new flagship phono stage – the iPhono3 Black Label – has been painstakingly designed to satisfy the most discerning vinyl enthusiast. User-configurable to match any MC/MM cartridge and suit every record, it delivers performance and versatility that place it in a league of its own in the circa £1,000 category, competing with devices at much more rarefied prices.

Key features
  • Driven by iFi’s Class A TubeState engine and Direct Drive Servoless design
  • Wide range of settings – gain, load and EQ curves – to precisely suit the connected phono cartridge and the record being played
  • Ultra-low distortion and class-leading dynamic range
  • Super-low noise floor – one of the ‘quietest’ phono stages at any price, lets you hear every detail
  • High gain of 72dB on par with high-end phono stages at twice the price

iPhono3 Black Label
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